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What needs do you want met by a dog trainer in Denver?  Are you interested in obedience training, therapy dog training, agility, or off-leash hiking skills?  The top priority with my dog training program is to meet all your needs and give you a good foundation on all the skills mentioned here.  Did I mention that I was the first dog trainer in Denver to do clicker training?  I studied clicker work for a year under several animal training pioneers including Marion Bailey, who was herself a student of B.F. Skinner.  If you are considering using clicker training, be sure to ask your trainer about where and how long they studied the clicker.  Training dogs is my mission in life.


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There is a well-established, long-standing myth out there that to train a dog, you have to use force or dominance.  There are still many Denver dog trainers who believe this.  However, we at A Wagging Success know that the key to outstanding Denver dog training is using kind, gentle methods, and most of our clients are surprised to see how well this type of dog training in Denver works.  In fact, many of our clients have already been to traditional trainers who used corrections or aversives, frightening the dogs and making their issues worse.  Our positive reinforcement approach is a breath of fresh air, and our Denver dog training clients and their dogs get the results they deserve.  Find our more about all our dog training in Denver at www.awaggingsuccess.com.

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