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Dog aggression and puppy aggression is our specialty! We use ALL positive training & behavior modification techniques that is scientifically proven to work with amazing results. As a Dog Behaviorist for twenty-two years I still hear and see from clients old school methods and corrections that don’t work. People are getting educated and not fooled by trainers who mix treats with corrections. This is another species and mixing positive with negative will NOT stick and will jeopardize your relationship with your dog or puppy. Puppy’s are fragile and need to be taught the right thing to do and act.  We are dedicated to the education of how POSITIVE reinforcement works.WE teach calming techniques and good manners besides the basics. This method is used on all other species in the zoo’s, movies, commercials, and marine mammals. We are pro-active about bad behaviors and give you the tools on how to set your dog up for success. Read our Google reviews on our Success and Reviews Tab.