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As a first time dog owner, I was a little nervous about training my new Golden Retriever puppy, Scout. When Scout was 9 weeks old, I was referred to Vicki and immediately scheduled a private session and then enrolled in her puppy kindergarten class. Scout took the beginner class twice (for strong reinforcement of the basics) and moved on to the intermediate class. By using Vicki’s positive reinforcement training techniques, he became a well-behaved dog from the start. The puppy play at the end of her weekly training sessions taught Scout how to socialize and play well with other dogs. This was one of my favorite parts of the class. Now, he loves meeting new dogs and always wants to play.

With Vicki’s clicker training technique and “treats” for good behavior, Scout quickly learned basic commands. He also learned to go off-leash on our daily walks at the Cherry Creek Reservoir. Getting a treat for checking in with me keeps him close by me. Taking Vicki’s classes was time well spent. It gave me the tools to train my dog which I still use every day. Scout is a great dog, and I know it’s because of Vicki’s training classes.