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When I first got my Entlebucher puppy Tessie she was calm, cute and so adorable. The first night I had her she started barking at my friend’s dog, and from there on things went down hill quickly. The next step was growling and then she started attacking other dogs. Before I knew it I had an aggressive15 week old puppy who would go after every dog no matter how big or small. I couldn’t let her play outside or be off leash. We had to avoid other dogs even on our walks because she would go balistic.

I decided it was time for dog school ASAP and we signed up for puppy class at another dog school. Tessie was a handful and we had to be separated from the rest of the class. It would already start when we would walk into the waiting area. Tessie would bark, snarl & snap at other dogs and she would not calm down. The instructors eventually gave up on Tessie. They said she was an extremely aggressive dog and there was no hope for her and I should consider euthenizing her.

I was shocked by what the instructors suggested and thus started looking around for another dog school. A Bernese Mountain Dog breeder suggested “A Wagging Success” and Vicky Kirkland to me. I had never heard about clicker training, but the idea of positive reinforcment sounded good to me.

Vicky was a lifersaver for us. I can’t say enough good things about Vicky and her training. Tessie’s behavior improved immediatly and it was clear that Vicky’s way of teaching was just what Tessie needed. Entlebucher are not a very well known breed, but Vicky took the time to understand the breed and gave us lots of suggestions on what to work on outside of class as well as during class.

Thanks to Vicky, Tessie is now a well adjusted dog competing in flyball. She meets new dogs on a daily basis and has learned to interact with other dogs without ever showing any aggressive tendencies. People don’t believe me and are always amazed when I tell them how Tessie used to be. There is no sign of aggressiveness at all what so ever, and she is a well adjusted dog now….THANKS TO VICKY.

I have been telling everybody about Vicky and I don’t think there is a better dog trainer out there.

Jackie & Tessie