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Why the two of us are a “Wagging Success”
By Briana Jack


I came across Vicky’s name through a local pet outfitter and made the best call that I could have for myself and my dog, Chrumm. I had a very dominant male Swissy, had being the key. We started training around 14 weeks in Vicky’s beginner class. Our problems were mostly the usual puppy things, but unknowingly I had purchased a very alpha male. He was extremely aggressive toward me, exerting his potentially dangerous with prized possessions like food. Through Vicky’s many encouraging talks as well as her expertise through experience, she taught both of us where our places were. With the use of clicker training, we accomplished not only our basic commands but a few silly but rewarding tricks as well. Through lots of time, patience and much needed input Vicky pulled us both out of confusion and our reward has been harmony, predictability with the distant memory of those more aggressive days. One of the most surprising things in this process was that as my puppy grew so did his physical pain (he had OCD), but he continued to respond positively to the training. Thankfully he has since had surgery and is back to his old self, or should I say newly obedient self, loving being loved. I could never thank Vicky enough for giving me the neccessary tools and teaching me the right amount of patience to bring my dog to be the best that he can possibly be. He has come to terms with me and I have with him, he does what I ask and he gets to watch TV with me. . . on the couch.