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We had been wanting to get a new puppy for a few years but with small children we decided to wait until the children were a little older. Now that our children are 5 and 3, we decided to pull the trigger this Spring. Once Tucker arrived, our lives certainly changed. For the first month, Tucker was out of control. Chasing and biting the kids at every chance he could. I still remember my daughter standing up on chairs to get away from Tucker and refusing to get down until Tucker was in the kennel.

We were desperate for some help. The thought of giving him away definitely crossed our minds more than once! I had tried several trainers, before Vicky, and wasn’t having much luck; we were ready to give up on this new puppy! I then called Vicky ( a recommendation from my sister) with some skepticism I heard that she was all about training with positive reinforcement and using a clicker. After grilling Vicky on the phone about her training, we signed right up. She asked me to trust her; which I did.

Within one week, Tucker was a NEW dog. He actually listened to us; he stopped biting and was much more gentle with the kids. I stuck with the training and worked with him every day knowing that if he didn’t change soon, we would give him away. I knew that would just devastate the kids so there was no way I was going to let him go.

Tucker graduated the level 1 class with flying colors! I have also signed up for the level 2 class. He is such a sweet dog now and my kids love playing and interacting with him.

Both of my children are involved with training Tucker. He actually listens to them just like he would an adult. It is amazing to see. We are so happy with Vicky’s training class and feel so lucky to have found her.

Whenever I see a puppy, I tell the owner about A Wagging Success because it has been such an amazing experience for us. Vicky and her crew are always accessible with any questions we have along the way. You can tell that these trainers truly love what they do and really want to see you and your dog succeed. Tucker is now a well-behaved dog that is going to be an amazing life long companion to our family. We couldn’t be happier with Vicky and A Wagging Success.

Heather, Paul, Ella and Ben