1951 W Briarwood Ave, Littleton, CO 80120
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About A Wagging Success

And Founder, Owner, Trainer, Vicky Kirkland

Vicky approached dog training with her own unique style. First, she wanted the “best” education available in dog training and dog behavior; a full apprenticeship with Nana Will* at www.adogseyeview.net. Next, she wanted her business built all on referrals (to show the quality of her work) and the most important aspect of her training style was focused on positive, loving, bonding techniques that treated the dog with kindness and focused on rewarding positive behaviors and not jeopardizing the owner-dog relationship.

Vicky’s credentials include:

  • Founder and CEO of A Wagging Success
  • Internationally known for her classes on Animal Planet
  • Haines, her Black Labrador Retriever, has appeared on Animal Planet’s PET STAR and EMERGENCY VETS (an episode of her class)
  • Has been educated by and worked with the top international dog trainers and dog behaviorists including:
    • Karen Pryor (author of “Don’t Shoot the Dog”)
    • Patrica B. McConnell, Ph.D.
    • Turid Rugaas
    • Jean Donaldson
    • Bob & Marion Bailey (Marion studied directly under B. F. Skinner)
    • Mathilde DeCagny (Television dog trainer, including “Eddie” from Frasier)
  • Updates her education and training techniques yearly with seminars and workshops of the highest quality trainers and behaviorists
  • Vicky is an AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) evaluator and administers the CGC test
  • Haines, along with Vicky’s Yellow Lab Bronco, was asked to perform tricks on WB2 News, 9News, A Taste of Colorado, Highlands Ranch July 4th Celebration, fashion shows for Foley’s and the Metropolitan Club. (View one of Haines’ Tricks)
  • Bronco, her Yellow Lab, is a hospital therapy dog. Vicky offers education for therapy dogs as part of her training programs
  • Vicky works with training service dogs
  • Her Labs have numerous titles in AKC, including the Canine Good Citizenship Award, Blue Ribbons and titles in
  • Agility and Jumper & Weaves
  • Vicky has trained four other successful dog trainers
  • Taught classes at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley
  • Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Invited to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, showing the complex training invoved in Bronco’s “Bank Deposit Trick”
Vicky and her dogs have always been a “shining star” in the world of dog training. She has a smile (so do her dogs) and enthusiasm combined with a wealth of education and knowledge. Her success goes on and on and everyone she meets can’t believe her highly-talented dogs. It all comes from her heart and her love of people and dogs.

*Nana Will, state trainer for a national service dog organization, developed and directed the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Dog Training & Behavior Center and has trained 19 successful dog trainers.