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“Our wonderful Lhasa Apso puppy, Zoee, joined our family when she was 8 weeks old. When Zoee was 12 weeks we started to take her for walks around Clement Park. What a disastrous experience that was! Every dog that Zoee saw sent her flying in between my legs sending us both towards the ground. The closer the dogs came the more frantic she became – she was clearly very afraid of all other dogs. A significant problem.

After some research I discovered Vicky and gave her a call. She was extremely responsive. She returned my call within minutes and we set
up a private, in-home consultation a few days later. Vicky brought over her wonderful Yellow Lab, Bronco and worked with Zoee and me for a half an hour and the difference was astounding! Within minutes, Zoee was playing with Bronco and having a blast. You should see her in class playing with five dogs all substantially larger than her including two German Shepherds and a couple of Labs. She runs circles around them. You would never guess that she was timid around other dogs.

I was very fortunate that Zoee did have this problem because it forced me to seek out Vicky and as a direct result I placed her in two of Vicky’s classes. If you are looking for training for your dog – look no further! You will not find better training that you will get with Vicky. My only regret is that I waited until Zoee was 4 months and had completed all her shots. I wish I had contacted Vicky earlier when Zoee was 8 weeks old. We learned so much at Vicky’s Puppy Class and Intermediate Class. There were things that I had been trying to teach Zoee for weeks that with Vicky’s methodology took only minutes to teach her.

Vicky is a wonderful trainer! Her methods are positive and logical, but, best of all, they are easily applied to many different situations. For example, we taught Zoee to ‘go to bed’. From this I was able to easily teach her to go to her crate, family members, etc. Another favorite command we learned is ‘leave it’. I cannot tell you how many times a day we use that. I can now put Zoee in a stay on her bed for over 30 minutes while I clean the house. May not sound like much but Zoee loves Swiffer dusters which makes dusting really hard!

Classes were always fun, upbeat, and Zoee and I looked forward to them each week. Every problem or concern that each owner brought forward, Vicky willingly addressed. She was very insightful in explaining how our dogs perceived things.

In short, Vicky has dramatically affected the quality of our life with our sweet dog and we cannot thank her enough.”