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What is the CORRECT method of SOCIALIZATION for a puppy? Their are many facets to socializing a puppy!! It is much more involved than a puppy class Who is enrolled in the class big puppies, small puppies and what education does your trainer have in the whole aspect of socializing a puppy.  Puppies and dog’s only learn in the environment they are taught in. Puppies need to be around a nice dog and introduced outside on leash with the correct method. Leaving it to chance or just going to a puppy class is just being in a closed environment with other puppies which can frighten or over-whelm a puppy.

I offer and highly suggest a private session on socializing a puppy with children, adults of all ages, noises, vacuums, nice older dogs in DIFFERENT environments. Their socialization window closes at sixteen weeks. If their is an omission in the socialization it will not work!!! Yes, their is puppy aggression and it needs to be handled in a positive method!!