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Did you know that many brands of dog food have been linked to recalls, class action lawsuits, and serious health consequences? Despite their best intentions, most pet owners don’t know what’s really in their dog’s food — and with buzzwords like ‘premium’ and ‘all-natural,” it’s easy to get misled.

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That’s why the team at Reviews.com dedicated over 1,400 hours of research analyzing 2,223 formulas on the market to find the brands that deliver the most optimal nutrition for our furry friends. We consulted veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and trainers, scoured countless scientific studies on pet nutrition, and consulted with 300 dog owners as well. Ultimately, we created a guide that clearly points out red flag ingredients and recommends trustworthy brands at any price point.

You can see our results here: http://www.reviews.com/dog-food/