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Does your dog show signs of Aggression when around other dogs or on leash? We specialize in dog aggression and leash aggression. Twenty three years of treating hundreds of dog’s successfully with dog aggression or over-reactive on the leash which leads to dog aggression. We do a TWO HOUR  session to give you a customized treatment plan to manage or eliminate dog aggression. (Read our google reviews) It won’t get better if left untreated!! it’s for the life of the dog !!

We are the PUPPY TRAINING specialists!! We do a pre-puppy private so you will be prepared for the arrival of the puppy. equipped to handle puppy biting, jumping, house-breaking and a good night’s sleep using all positive methods. We will cover the correct way to socialize a puppy and the inaction with people, dogs, other puppy’s and children. If you can’t do a pre-puppy private schedule a private session as soon after the puppy arrives as possible.