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Aggressive behavior in dog’s or puppies is biting, growling, snapping, over-reactive on leash. These are clear warning signs that your dog is going to lunge out and scare or snap or bite another dog or person. Be very careful with children doing inappropriate play with puppies or dog’s as they may see the child as another playmate. I’ve worked with people who have gone to as many as three different  trainers and the dog’s only got WORSE.I did a  TWO HOUR session and they left with a new dog using ALL POSITIVE. Most techniques trainers are using today are corrections (old school not appropriate) and will make all your problems worse. Or trainers who say their positive and mixing it up with negative so the dog just shuts down. You spend alot of money on purchase of the dog, food & veterinarians. So WHY NOT go with the most qualified updated educated trainer/behaviorist?