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STOP! Take your dog’s unreliable aggression very seriously! Puppy biting should be eliminated as early as possible. NEVER is it appropriate to rough house with a puppy or dog or to ever let them put their teeth on you. All behaviors ABSOLUTELY NEED to be handled in a POSITIVE method. Hands are not toys and hands coming towards a dog or puppy’s mouth should NEVER  be a negative experience. Group classes are NOT AN OPTION! This behavior is not taught in classes and your situation needs to be customized to your needs. This is not a cookie cuter or out of a book or online self taught behavior to be dealt with by owners or dog trainers. This is where the role of a DOG BEHAVIORIST COMES in with lots of experience and good Google reviews. We have a proven TWO HOUR session that will give you the proper techniques to implement with your dog. NO puppy growling is EVER an acceptable behavior.