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We offer specialized dog training in treating dog AGGRESSION! Leash aggression is a common issue that can lead to serious consequences. We are a dog Behaviorist  as well as a dog trainer that covers all areas of behavioral problems in dogs.

We give you a comprehensive treatment plan customized to your dog’s aggressive behavior and we teach the owners how to handle the issues after demonstrating the techniques. You can have peace once again!

In treating dog aggression we use ALL POSITIVE METHODS, we do not mix negativity with positive or the negative will cancel  out the positive method. This needs to be done in a TWO HOUR  private session (read our thirty nine-five star reviews on our website) . When working with aggression it needs to be done in a low criteria and neutral environment in an office not where the dog is over-whelmed by distractions of other dogs, people or chaos. We have demonstration dogs that are well behaved and know how to diffuse and aggressive dog.

We teach you how to read the dog language and body signals of your dog and other dogs to be pro-active and prevent the behavior from happening.

Be ware of puppy aggression when puppy biting can turn into aggression!