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Puppy play is misunderstood as puppy socialization. When you have a child in school and they make straight A’s but are not playing nicely during recess this does Not give you a well- adjusted child or puppy! Puppy play is not a free for all and their should be an educated trainer supervising what is approriate play. No growling, no barking, no dominate postures, no pinning other puppys down. I have the 3 strike rule, 2 time outs for these behaviors & the third time your out and go home. It’s natures way the mother dog or all species correct their young. Don’t let them play too long where they get tired and cranky, end on a good note and never pick them up or scould them just hold them back by the hands on the chest until they come off that high.

Puppy Socializtion Classse Free included in our classes.   Denver Dog Training          Positive Methods           No harmful scary technigues