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When do you start PUPPY TRAINING ? IMMEDIATELY! What age do you start PUPPY SOCIALIZATION? IMMEDIATELY! Or begin with a PRE-PUPPY private session to start behaviors off right and not leave it to chance and see what happens.

Just like new-born babies you take pre-natal classes essentially you are getting  a new born only with sharp teeth and a combination of a baby and a toddler.

Puppy training should start the minute the puppy enters the home. Boundaries should be already set, the correct way to handle puppy biting, sleeping through the night, how children and puppies are handled correctly, house training. The highest learning period is seven to twelve weeks for puppies.

The puppy socialization window is open until sixteen weeks closed after that period. Their are many aspects to puppy socialization which are NOT covered in group classes.

I highly recommend PRIVATE SESSIONS to benefit the life of the dog. They are customized to your needs and education of correct socialization, time and how puppies learn and what to expect from your puppy. Yes, they many be slightly higher in cost but this is an investment for the life of the dog and you don’t have to come back for yearly updates.

This is the formula for a well behaved nicely mannered dog and for YOU  not to go through tough day to day challenges with your puppy.