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Scout was 11 months when we got him and a real handful.He had been living in a barn,as his former owner told us he chewed everything in the house,including the staircase! He’s an active Lab,and just needed positive reinforcement,daily exercise and socialization with other dogs and people.

Within an hour of his joining our family,he had his gentle leader on,and was enrolled in Vicky’s Wagging Success program that began the following week.What a positive and delightful program for Scout and us “parents”,as his behavior changed almost overnight,and we had the “tools” to reinforce the good and ignore the naughty!

Scout responded immediately to the clicker training,which was easy to incorporate into our daily routine.Vicky’s socialization exercises,including visits to Home Depot and “meet and greet the mailman”,were invaluable.Scout loved being in class with the other dogs and owners. It’s hard to say who had more fun,our Lab or us! So much so,we enrolled him in 3 more classes and look forward to our fourth,which will be agility training this summer.

We highly recommend Vicky Kirkland and her Wagging Success program and our happy, healthy, well behaved, non-chewing Scout Dog Reed is proof!


A- for the grade we give A Wagging Success dog training
W- for wagging tails in class and at home
A-for the achievement of the goal of a having a well behaved dog
G-for great training techniques that make sense
G-for good dogs and grinning owners!
I-for Vicky’s integrity
N-for “no naughty behavior”
G-for giving positive reinforcement training tools that really work
S-for dogs that SIT and STAY on command
U-for utilizing the BEST dog training methods
C-for Clicker training
C- for Continuing education that Vicky participates in on an annual basis to keep current on the latest dog training techniques
E-for excellence of the dog training programs A Wagging Success offers-private lessons, behavioral counseling and group
S-for socialization techniques that prevent leash aggression
S-for satisfied,smiling dog owners

Debbie and John Reed
Littleton, CO