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Dog Training Services

Available from A Wagging Success

Contact A Wagging Success at(303) 730-6042 to register for one of our group classes, to request an in-home behavioral counseling session or in-home training lesson! We specialize in dog aggression and service dog training.

In-Home Private Dog Training in Denver:

Available for all dogs and puppies

Can’t fit a weekly class in to your schedule? A Wagging Success will come to your home at your convenience for training! Training will be customized to your specific circumstances and the needs of you and your dog.

Please call us at (303) 730-6042 to schedule your in-home dog training session.

Behavior Problems:

We offer free follow-up phone consultations.
Available for all dogs and puppies

In-home sessions to work on inappropriate behaviors such as jumping, chewing, dog aggression, leash pulling, house breaking, etc. Any behavioral problem you may be having can be solved in a two session using positive techniques!
A Note About Dog Aggression
Dog aggression can fall into the following categories:

  • Fear-motivated Dog Aggression
  • Protective, Territorial, and Possessive Dog Aggression
  • Redirected Dog Aggression
  • Dominance Dog Aggression

Because the consequences of dog aggression are so serious, please contact us at (303) 730-6042 to schedule an in-home consultation and dog training session. A Wagging Success is committed to helping you overcome this behavior.

bronco_smile2 A Wagging Success brings a smile to every dog’s face!


For current class information on start dates and times call A Wagging Success at (303) 730-6042!


6 weeks
For puppies and other dogs with no training background
For first class orientation direction,please click here to view map


6 weeks
For dogs who have completed the Basic Manners Course


5 weeks
For dogs who have completed Basic Manners and Intermediate Courses



Group classes are held at the SHERIDAN RECREATION CENTER-3325 W. Oxford -Denver 80236  Classes are held Monday nights at 6:30 pm; Tuesday nights at 6:30pm; Wednesday night at 6:30 pm  Please call A Wagging Success at (303) 730-6042 for the date of the next class you would like to join.